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Now that you've decided to create a book of all that artwork, count the number of art piece you have and choose a package that is equal to or less than the number of pieces you have. Adding pages to any package is easy. Just fill out the order form found in the art collection box. Each added page is only $3.00. Once purchased, your art collection box is shipped out the next business day and includes a return label so sending us the artwork is easy. All art collection boxes are UPS tracked so the artwork safely arrives to us and back again. When the artwork arrives, it is carefully scanned, digitized and then posted to the web gallery. Once posted, customers can log in and customize their books.

Pick a Book Package

There are three book packages with set page numbers to choose from but you can add pages to any book package to fit the amount of artwork you have. Just fill out the order form found in your art collection box to add pages to your book. Each art piece / images is one scan and may include two or more art pieces combined, if together, are not larger than 11" x 17". Clip the art pieces together for one scan so we know they belong together.

The Red Wagon: 30 page book. (as of March 1, 2012)
The Trolley: 50 page book
The Dump Truck: 80 page book (Best Deal)


Send Us Your Art

Once a book package is purchased, we send out one of our huge, oversized, specially crafted and designed portfolio art collection boxes to your home. When it arrives, place the art inside the the large plastic bag in then into the box. Send us the artwork via UPS(or FedEx) using the included return label. Everything needed arrives at your door: The box, the return label, art bags and order forms for extras. Even a list of your nearest drop off locations. Gathering the artwork is enough work and our box with return label makes it almost effortless.

Your Online Galleries

Once we receive the artwork, each image is scanned, color enhanced, gently restored, cleaned and sent to a private gallery for viewing on line. We'll send out an e-mail notification indicating that the art images have been posted in the gallery and are ready for viewing. Give artwork a title and description which may be printed in the book if desired. Art Titles & Descriptions are now included in all packages (as of March 1, 2012). Customize the book in the web gallery. Click and drag images to rearrange their order, choose book cover art image along with book name, title, font and cover color. Create a dedication page with photo upload to create a special and unique book: All done in your web gallery.

Extra book copies

Each book package includes one book but if extra copies are desired, just fill out the order form found in the art collection box to order more copies. To create a separate dedication from the original for special gifts, enter the new dedication text when you order the book copy. Each unique dedication with photo separate from the original, is only $20.00/ each. (email the photos or inlcude them in the box) Extra book copies: Red Wagon - $45.00, Trolley - $55.00, Dump Truck - $65.00.