Millions of parents save their children's artwork, sometimes for decades. Many frame some pieces but framing even one piece of art can easily cost over $200.00. Now for the same price of framing one piece of art, you can preserve all the artwork in a beautiful, timeless art portfolio book that quickly becomes the most talked about coffee table book in your home.

Truly Custom Books

Never before could parents take their children's artwork and transform it into a professionally crafted, hardcover book and by streamlining the custom book creation process, Artimus Art is able to offer parents an opportunity to create a true custom art book at a a fraction of the cost of hiring their own graphic designer and bindery house. Our oversized books measure 11" x 11" with truly custom covers. (Not dust jackets) Our books pages are printed with the art image on the right hand page and art title and descriptions, on the left. For books with no titles and descriptions, the images are printed in spreads, meaning that artwork is printed on both left and right sides. For books with less than 50 art images and no text, the art images are printed only on the right hand page with the left page blank. Parents can create a dedication page which is positioned after the cover page. Create the dedication page when you customize your book by uploading a fine quality photo and entering the dedication. Our book quality far surpasses that of any DIY on line "photo" bookmaker and rivals books by the finest bindry houses anywhere.

Production Phases

Since there are several steps to the process of creating our art books, customers are notified via email during each phase of the process. After a book package is purchase on our website, an art collection box is sent out the next business day and customers receive an email indicating the box was shipped. When the artwork arrives at our facility, customers are notified that it's arrived safe and sound and after the artwork is scanned and posted to the web gallery, customers receive an email indicating that the images are posted. Once art images are posted to the web galleries, customers are instructed to log on and customize their books and receive their final email when the completed books is shipped along with original artwork. Customers know exactly what stage their books are in by our unique stage-by-stage process information method.

Titles and Descriptions

Inside your web gallery, you can customize your book if just a few easy steps. As of March 1, 2012, art titles and descriptions printed in your book is included in all packages. Customers can go into the gallery and give each piece of artwork a title and description. Choose to included them in your book by checking the box "Include Art Titles & Descriptions from Web Gallery" box when you customize your book. You may choose also not to include them in your book but rather just use them to send your art images from your gallery as e-greetings. Children love to create names for their artwork and describing what the artwork means to them. It also allows kids to remember their art experience when they're older.

Collecting your art

We understand how difficult it is to actually gather your stored artwork together. We make it as easy as possible. Choose your book package and we'll send you an art collection box the next business day. All you must do is just transfer the art from your box to ours and count the number of art pieces. The box includes instructions, order forms for extra book pages or extra oversized artwork and also includes a large plastic re-sealable bag for each child's artwork. Returning the box is a snap with the UPS shipping label. All original artwork is returned along with your book.

Multiple Order Discount

More than one child means more artwork than you know what to do with. Multiple orders will recieve a 10% discount. Our art collection box is big enough to accommodate art for several children and each book package purchased receives an individual oversized resealable plastic bag to separate the artwork.


Crazy Kid Art: Noodles, cotton balls, seeds, glitter, feathers and popsicle sticks is what kid art is made of and we can reproduce it all. If it's truly 2 Dimentional, like leaves or cotton balls on paper, we'll take it. 3 dimentional art, like pottery or paper mache is not accepted unless it's very lightweight and very small. Please email us if you would like to submit 3D artwork. There is a $6.00/ piece charge for 3D artwork.

Oversized Art Allottment: We can even reproduce oversized art. Oversized artwork is any art piece larger than 11" x 17". Each book package has it's own allotment of oversized artwork that's included:

Red Wagon - 4 pieces

Trolley - 7 pieces

Dump Truck - 11 pieces

Extra Oversized Art: Have more oversized art than the allotment? Not a problem, just fill in the order form found in the art collection box and we'll add it to your book. Each extra piece is only $4.00 each. Please see Terms and Restrictions section of our site for complete details!

High Resolution DVD

In addition to preserving your child's artwork in a our elegant hard cover book, Artimus Art is now offering a CD which contains high resolution Tiff Files of all your child's art images that have been cleaned, corrected and color enhanced. The TIFF may be edited and re-saved without losing image compression unlike JPEG files where there is image compression and quality loss. This CD enable families to convert the TIFF images into a JPEG for use in countless home projects such as creating an art slide show set to music; making holiday cards or invitations; T-shirt transfers; stamps; and calendars. These high resolution files means your images are digitally archived forever and can be added to any book package for only $35.00. For more information regarding TIFF and JPEG files, visit

Oil on Canvas

Transform your child's favorite art pieces into an Oil Masterpiece painting on Canvas. So real, you'll think the paint is still drying! Your painting will be worthy of display in the Louvre but is perfect for hanging over Nana's piano, in dad's office or in little sister's nursery.

Artimus Art can take any art image in your gallery and digitally reproduce it on water resistant artist's satin canvas that is hand stretched and gallery and ready for hanging. Our method uses your high resolution art files for ultimate color and clarity which gives you the most amazing canvas print of your child's art.

We have 3 sizes to choose from:

  • 8" x 10"......$55.00
  • 11" x 14".....$85.00
  • 16" x 20".....$120.00

You can purchase your canvas when with your book package or at any time after your book had arrived. Submit your canvas order from your gallery. A great gift idea.

Art Return & Contact

Once all your art images are posted in your personal gallery and your book has been printed and bound, we return your artwork along with your art collection book. Contact us for any questions. Email: customerservice@artimusart or call us: Our NEW NUMBER 1-978-325-3800.