Every year schools try to raise much needed funds
Through selling the same old items that serve no purpose. Parents will flip once
they realize that Artimus Art takes the tubs, boxes, tubes and piles of kid art and
transforms it all into a beautiful book!
It was amazing that our school raised money while we preserved our child's masterpieces. My daughter's artwork is forever saved in this beautiful book and will last a lifetime thanks to Artimus Art. What a great fundraiser! – Jodi, Katz Pre-School, Cherry Hill, NJ.
How an Artimus Art Fundraising initiative would work:
Idea #1
Artimus Art postcards are distributed to students that explains how the fundraiser works. Each postcard has a special code on it and each order that comes through our system with that code, earns money for your school. How easy is that? Since parents send in the art to us and customize their books on their own web galleries, there is virtually no school involvement. The school just collects the funds earned! How easy is that?
Idea #2
Canvas art prints: This is a beautiful art reproduction on canvas. Printed with archival inks, on satin artist’s canvas that looks so real, you’d think the paint was still wet.
  • A beautiful way to preserve a child’s most famous artistic endeavor.
  • Teachers or parents collect one piece of art from each student who participates in the program. The art is then sent in with the order forms completed by parents. The children’s artwork is collected together, scanned, then beautifully reproduced on canvas using archival inks. Each print is gallery wrapped and ready for hanging.
  • Each piece of artwork is pre-press prepared by our graphic designers for an extraordinary reproduction.
  • A fabulous holiday gift idea!
  • Three canvas sizes to choose from.
    • 8” x 10”
    • 11” x 14”
    • 16” x 20”
How much can my school earn?
Schools can earn up to 18% of the total sales, not just the book package price. High participation equates to a higher percentage earned. Download our Fundraising Menu.
Auction / Teacher’s gifts.
Artimus Art makes great Auction items and teacher’s gifts. Here are some ideas:
  • Create a class cookbook with kids’ drawings of their favorite dessert & recipe.
  • Canvas Collage Print. A tile for each student’s best drawing together on one print.
  • Class portrait book. Kids draw self portraits w/ caption.
Custom Package: Have a special idea? We’ll customize a package just for your school. Just give us a call with your idea at 1-978-281-2024 or email us at: fundraising@artimusart.com.