I have seen other companies that take kids' art and turn it into magnets, calendars, mouse pads and other gifts with an online gallery as well. How is Artimus Art different?

There are in fact many companies that can turn one or two pieces of art into gifts however no company offers the solution to the questions "what do parents do with ALL their children's artwork?"preserved? Only Artimus Art offers a way of preserving all your child's imaginative creations in a large, museum quality, elegant book. While mugs and mouse pads makes nice gifts, our goal is to offer a way to preserve a large collection of artwork collected over several months or years so that retaining the originals or at least most of the originals is no longer needed. Our goal is to create a comprehensive art collection book so that a child's artwork can be preserved and admired for years to come. Our Oil on Canvas Masterpieces are gifts that tastefully celebrate that truly special piece of art and our High Resolution CD offers a way for parents to preserve the artwork digitally so that it will be available for generations to come.

How does Artimus Art offer a better service than parents who take photos of their kids' artwork or scan it themselves?

Taking quality photos of artwork is a technical skill that is difficult to achieve even by the most experience photographers and getting the lighting just right is tricky. Taking photos with a flash camera creates a low quality photo with glares and uneven lighting, so what you end up with is a photo that no one will ever want to look at let alone want to see in print. Thanks to our specialized Print Controllers, our scanning technology delivers spectacular color printing with advanced color management capabilities professional process and technical equipment allows us to create a beautiful and professional reproduction of your child's artwork. We have perfected the scanning and photographic process and streamlined the procedures for art reproduction so that we can offer this incredible service for about the same price as framing one or two pieces of art.

How long will the process take before I get my art book?

Once your order is submitted to us, your art collection box is sent out the next business day and should arrive within 5-10 days depending on where you live. Once we receive your artwork in our studios, customers can anticipate approximately 10-20 days before your art is posted in your gallery. Then, customers receive an email informing them that their images are posted and ready for viewing. Customers can go log on to their web galleries and customize their books in s few easy steps and once the book order is submitted, the layout, printing and book binding process can takes about two weeks.

Do you offer Gift Certificates?

Yes, we have the option of giving a package as a gift in a dollar figure. So if you would like to order the Red Wagon, the recipient will have recieive the code which is for the value of the Red Wagon. The Recipient has the option to just choose the Red Wagon package or upgrade to another package using the value of the gift certificate towards that purchase. Just look for the Gift Certificate button on the web page and choose a package. Once a certificate is purchased, download the gift certificate and all you need to do is fill in the gift certificate with the recipients name and redemption code. Our gift certificates make very unique and appreciated gifts.

Do you include Photos in the art book?

There are many photo services which create photo books. Artimus Art is the only company which exclusively creates books celebrating children's artwork and where the art images are posted on a private gallery, like those photo sharing sites. If there are any photos that are included in a piece of art, are part of a classroom project, or school photos of the child or classroom then by all means, send it in with your art however, since we make art books, we respectfully ask that you limit your photo submissions to those that were part of the child's art experience.

Why can't I upload my own art images instead of sending them to you?

Artimus Art is committed to preserving your child's art in the highest quality possible. Uploading your own images usually means that the art images are photos taken at home or scanned at home and the quality of those submissions would greatly compromise the quality of our final product. Also, our intention is to make the process of preserving the artwork for parents as easy as possible, so we ask that you let us do the work and allow you more time to spend with your children drawing and painting more art.

Can I send you my own box of artwork?

Each package is designed to be super easy for parents who normally would never have the inclination to go through all the boxes of art in their basements or attics. Therefore, a box is sent out to each customer once a package is purchased. The oversized art portfolio boxes include the return shipping label to make the process of returning the artwork easy. If a customer still wants to send us their own box, by all means do so, however, since our package prices include shipment of the art portfolio box to and from the customer, there can be no discount for customers who choose to send their own box. We just ask that you contact us to let us know that you'll be sending your own box. E-mail us at Customerservice@artimusart.com.

Send to:
Artimus Art / Allegra
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Can I include the name of an art piece in the book?

On the web gallery, customers can see their art images and give them a title and description. As of March 1, 2012, the titles and descriptions will be included in the book packages. Titles and Descriptions should be complete before customizing your book as it's a longer process. There will be an option on the customization part of the gallery that will ask whether or not you would like the art titles and descriptions included in your book. These will appear on the left hand page while the corresponding artpiece will be on the right hand page.

This is a great fundraising idea for our school. Do you currently have any fundraising programs?

We do engage in fundraising programs. Take a look at our Fundraising page on our site and contact us for more information.

I do not live in the United States. Do you do international orders?

We have just added the ability for our Canadian friends to make purchases on our site. Due to international shipping regulations, we cannot offer the return shipping label for the art collection box. We also must add a surcharge to all orders to Canada. Since these charges vary by province, a shipping surcharge invoice will be included in the art collection box. Most charges will be in the range of USD $40.00 - $60.00. Please contact us for exact shipping surcharge amounts before ordering. For orders from other countries, please contact us and we can accommodate you on an individual basis.

There are also shipping surcharges for order to AK and HI. Please email us for more information.

For any further inquiries, comments, questions, or suggestions please contact Artimus Art at Customerservice@artimusart.com or

phone us at 978-325-3800.