About Us

Artimus Art is a modern company dedicated to the timeless values of family, creativity and sharing. Our company is located in Massachusetts, but really, we are situated in the hearts of everyone who has ever been wowed by a child's natural creativity.

Founded in 2007 by mother-of-three, Dana Hostage, Artimus Art comes along to take the hassle out of preserving children's artwork. With the realities of a hectic lifestyle, staying organized was a challenge for Dana, especially with the artwork her kids brought home. Like most moms, it was difficult to toss any pieces yet there was not any solution as to how to preserve it. She was amazed that there was no company in the marketplace that preserved children's artwork, hence the Artimus Art idea was born..

Artimus is part web site, part publishing company. And 100% customer focused. The big idea behind Artimus is combining the ease of e-commerce with the polish of premium digital publishing. All in an affordable, family-friendly package.

When you place an order with Artimus you don't just get a great product at an affordable price, you enjoy the benefits of Web 2.0 style community. It's all about sharing the treasures of kid art with those whom you most treasure: Your family and friends.

We welcome all your ideas and suggestions. Please feel free to share with us at info@artimus.art.com.

Our Vision

A child's creativity is one of the greatest, yet fleeting gifts of life. Preserving and sharing those unique treasures is a noble pursuit; one which we deeply believe will bring lasting joy to our customers and business success to our company

Company Mission

To create and lead the new market for products and services that enable families to preserve and share their children's art. To achieve our business goals with integrity; by delighting our customers, inspiring our employees and rewarding our investors.