For Parents

Kids create lots of artwork but what's a parent to do with it all?

Saving and preserving the art in a gorgeous, museum quality, customized, oversized, hard cover book allows you to admire and show off your child's paintings, drawings and doodles that would otherwise sit in boxes for decades where musty basements ruin the art. Parents can't toss the artwork. It's simply too precious but preserving it is a real challenge for even the most computer savvy parent. We create professional art reproductions that look incredible on the printed page. While some parents try to photograph the artwork, they inevitabley end up with poor quality photos that no one will ever want to see again, let alone print on paper. We do what parents simply can't do themselves: create high resolution art reproductions that are printed into a professionally crafted hard cover book.

Turn years worth of your child's artwork into a beautiful art portfolio keepsake book........ One worth looking at again and again!

...Because it's not scribbles, it's artwork!
Beautifully archived, shared on the web. 1-978-325-3800 or

For Friends and Relatives

Part Custom book making, part web based. We're the most unique concept around... since 2007.

The revival of creating a quality crafted book, combined with web 2.0 technology is right here at Artimus Art.

Unlike photo sharing sites whose files come in digital format for easy uploading, Artimus Art takes great care in creating high quality digital files for you and uploading them to a private on-line gallery to share the artwork with family and friends. Our professional methods of reproducing the artwork is the same as professional artists use but reinvented for the special kind of artwork that kids create. In the gallery, parents can see & send the art images as e-greetings, give artwork title and descriptions and customize their book in a simple, easy process. We send our customers an oversized art collection box with the return UPS label included. All artwork is tracked, insured & safe for travel. Your children's beautiful artwork is transformed into a gorgeous book and shared on the web. Now there is purpose to those piles of artwork.

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